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Power Cable

What is a Power Cable?
A Power Cable is 1 or more wires, also know as conductors, with an overall jacket. These can be insulated with
different types of plastics, like PVC, XLPE, PE, CPE, LSZH or other types of compounds.
What are Power Cables used for?
Power Cables are used for transmitting electrical power in many different applications. These can range in voltages
and Gauge Sizes and are available in Copper conductors and Aluminum.

Where are Power Cables used?
Power Cables are used in Commercial, Industrial and some Residential Buildings. These can also be run in poles overhead
and due to their rugged designs, can be used in direct Burial Installations and in harsh environments.

Ramcorp Wire & Cable offers Power cables in many different categories and is preferred by Electricians and, Electrical Contractors
Scroll down to select and view the different Power cables offering that is right for you, or give us a call for assistance.

Power Cables Offered
Type Description Voltage
DLO Cable Diesel Locomotive Cables 2KV
Type W Cable Type W Power Cable 2KV
G-GC Cable Type G &G-GC Power Cable 2KV
Grounding Wire Bare Copper Grounding Wire, Solid and Stranded     -






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Yes we do. Simply scroll to the custom cable item below and let us know your requirements.
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