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About Ramcorp Wire & Cable
Ramcorp Wire & Cable is a division of Ramcorp Technologies, LLC.
With over 20 years of Industry experience, we can supply your hardest cable requirements.  

The great Majority of our cables are Made in the USA and most are approved by  underwriters laboratories (UL) and ROHS.
With over 5000 agency approvals at your disposal, Ramcorp Wire and Cable is confident to
exceed your expectations.

We Can Supply cables for every environment including the following:
Outdoor, Direct burial, High Temperature, Low temperature, Plenum, extreme environment,
Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, clean room, cable tray, chemicals and more.

Applications include:
Building technology, Energy management, Access control, Temperature control, CCTV, CATV, Plenum, Riser, Audio Video, Appliance, Fire Alarms, Burglar alarms, Smart Home, Steel mills, Petrochemical plants, Wood and paper mills, Instrumentation and tray cables 300V, 600V and up to 10KV. Extended distance and more.

Cable types:
Multi conductor/Pairs, Coaxial cables, Twinaxial cables, 600V Tray cables, 300V Instrumentation, Thermocouples Wire, Low Smoke Zero halogen LSZH, Combination/Hybrid, Hook up Wire, High Temperature. We can Custom Design cables to your requirements.